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I am Harish Vangala, a research scholar working on polar codes in coding theory at Dept. of Electrical and Computer Systems Eng., Monash University, Australia. My beloved supervisors are Prof. Emanuele Viterbo and Dr. Yi Hong

After the past few years of working with polar codes, we wanted to give away some useful resources for the research community. Feel free to download and use them as you wish. This site upgrades our older site at:

To help the beginners, we have also made a short series of videos on youtube. Indeed, there are many such already from eminent people in the field. Yet, we believe that our ~4 videos will serve the purpose of quickly introducing polar codes to beginners, without going any deeper into the theory of polarization or information theory.

Of course, we would be glad to hear your acknowledgements, suggestions and bug-reports. Feel free to drop by: Contact Us

The Matlab Simulation Package

Polar Codes in MATLAB

You can download the package for free from the below link.
The package supports simulations in AWGN, BSC, and BEC channels.

Download ZIP


The complete documentation of the package is below (included in above)

Download PDF

Our Video Tutorial to Practical Polar Codes

Note: The video series uses an older version of the MATLAB code, which is upgraded to include many new features such as supporting BEC, BSC, and BI-AWGN channels. Main contentwise, there absolutely can not be any problem with videos, but for using the package, make sure you quickly check the sample-session.txt (or the full documentation) provided in the package to know the changes in syntax.


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